Check Hybrid System

These warnings can be triggered when the difference between the highest charge and lowest charge modules in pairs within the High voltage (HV) battery exceeds 1.2 volts. This can be caused by as little as one failing module in the whole HV battery, when the rest could still be going strong. So in a large percentage of electric/hybrid battery failures they are definitely worth repairing.

With many different vehicle types, we can have your hybrid vehicle up and running how it should be. Which means, improved fuel economy with the HV battery more able to support the internal combustion engine, correcting any battery related (VSC) vehicle stability control and (ABS) Anti lock braking system/(EBC) electronically controlled brake issues, plus it stops the high voltage battery cooling fan running constantly.

In the unlikely event that the battery pack is overcharged, the modules vent gases directly outside the vehicle through a vent hose

You Are Unable To Accelerate Anymore And These Lights Are "On" In Your Dash

  • “Check Hybrid System,”
  • “Check VSC System,”
  • “Check AWD System.”

Or Your Mechanic Have Diagnosed Any Of These Trouble Codes

  • P3190″ which is Poor Engine Power
  • P3193″ which is Fuel Run Out

For The Hybrid Control Live Tab, It Gave Me

  • P0A0F” which is Engine Failed to Start
  • C1241″ which is Low or High Power Supply Voltage
  • C1259″ which is HV Control System Regenerative Malfunction
  • C1310″ which is HV System Malfunction

Whatever your problem is, remember we are one call away.

Hybrid Repair Service

  • Signs of a failing battery in your Toyota/Lexus vehicle

Common Warnings

  • Check Engine Light
  • Master Warning Triangle With (!)
  • VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)
  • ABS (Anti – Lock Braking System) / ECB (Electronically Controlled Brake) – Lexus

Hybrid System Faults

  • There are a number of symptoms you will experience when your hybrid vehicle is experiencing faults in the hybrid system

     If your vehicle is continuously running on engine, for example in traffic or slow moving traffic it never switches the engine off to run on the hybrid battery.

    • Vehicle has loss of power, Unable to start.
    • Hybrid Battery is charging and discharging rapidly.
    • Vehicle is consuming a lot more petrol.

    If your vehicle is experiencing similar problems above, and have the following warning lights on your dashboard then your vehicle is experiencing a problem with the Hybrid Battery.

Toyota Prius Models

  • Generation 1 Prius 1.5 Model (-2003)
  • Generation 2 Prius 1.5 Model (2004-2009)


  • Engine Management Light
  • VSC Light
  • Break System Warning Light
  • Master Warning Light (Red Triangle)

Toyota Prius Models

  • Generation 3 Prius 1.8 Model (2009-2015)


  • Engine Management Light.
  • Check Hybrid System” Message – Needs a full diagnostic in order to pin point which area of the Hybrid System has gone wrong.

Toyota Estima Models

  • Generation 1 Toyota Estima Hybrid


  • Master Warning Light (Car with exclamation mark)
  • VSC Light
  • ABS Light
  • Break System Warning Light